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Credit Repair

American Credit Express Associates offers personalized credit repair programs for each and every client. Your situation is unique. Our credit repair program will be tailored to you current situation. Our personal approach to credit repair utilizes the widest range of tools available to address your situation and insures that you get the results you deserve.

When you Join the American Credit Express Associates' program, we will evaluate your credit reports and develop a plan based exclusively for your needs. That is what makes us different than most credit repair companies. We pay close attention to each and every detail when managing your account and we ensure to tailor our services to your specific needs.

We never use computerized software and we always make sure to communicate and follow up with you through each step of the credit repair process. Sign Up Now!

Credit Report Repair

We offer legal credit report repair that works. Our credit report repair program will help you to raise your credit score quickly. Don't Be A Victim to Your Credit Score Any Longer! So much depends on your credit score. You cannot buy a house, rent an apartment, lease a car, or even obtain employment if your credit score isn't up to par. A credit score in reality, is a somewhat elusive number that the credit bureaus label you with, supposedly defining your 'creditworthiness'.

The credit bureaus can make it difficult and it can be very frustrating trying to rectify mistakes on your credit report, let alone trying to improve your score. Not anymore! With American Credit Express Associates on your side, credit report repair is now easy. We repair credit scores legally. We know the laws and we can get negative or derogatory items deleted quickly and effectively for you. When it comes to credit restoration and improving FICO scores, let American Credit Express Associates handle it for you. We promise to offer the absolute best customer service and communication with each and every client. Your credit score has such an immense impact on your life. Get it repaired and restored the Legal Way. Get Started Now!

American Credit Express Associates' Credit Repair:
Protecting Your Credit Rights

The truth is that you do have a say and you do have rights when it comes to your credit report. At American Credit Express Associates, we work to clean up your credit report by disputing questionable and inaccurate items, as well as effectively removing negative items. We believe that consumers do not have to play victim to their credit report. We know that it can be intimidating for individuals to dispute items, and dealing with the three major credit bureaus can be a very tedious and often unsuccessful experience. That's why at American Credit Express Associates, we offer comprehensive and quality credit repair services.

When you sign up with American Credit Express Associates, your case will be handled by our professional credit counselors. With over 25 years of experience in consumer advocacy and debt related markets, American Credit Express Associates is the only credit repair service that has the legal background and expertise to empower you. It's time for you to own your credit score today!

Why American Credit Express Associates?

Here are a few reasons why A merican Credit Express Associates is a leader in the credit repair industry:

   Credit counselors with years of experience will handle 
   your case and answer your questions
   Prompt Service-we work to rectify and improve your
   credit report quickly, so you can move on with your life
   We offer a money back guarantee, low monthly
   payments and you can cancel at anytime
   There is a $99 first work fee. Then $69 per month will be
   billed only after services are rendered.

Contact American Credit Express Associates  today to learn more about your rights, and how you can take control of your credit report today! Sign up online in less than 2 minutes!

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Credit Repair Consultation


100% Transparency All Clients have 24/7 access to their case file. You'll always be able to view your case in real time!

We Show Results Cleints see an average of 8-10 negative items removed from their credit reports within three months of signing up!

Personalized Credit Repair
We help you to establish New 
       Trade Lines
       Unsecured Credit Cards
       Secured Credit Cards
   100% Client Satisfaction
   Identity Theft Protection

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